Oberlender (NORIMBERGA +/- 1730)

Oberlender (NORIMBERGA +/- 1730)Flauto ad una chiave da J.W.OBERLENDER (NORIMBERGA +/- 1730). Importante flauto di uno dei massimi costruttori della scuola di Norimberga nella sua originale versione decorata. Proposto al suo diapason originale di 415hz, è previsto anche il corpo aggiuntivo per il diapason di 405hz.

È possibile richiederlo in una versione senza decorazioni da un altro originale.

Oberlender (NORIMBERGA +/- 1730)Oberlender (NORIMBERGA +/- 1730)Oberlender (NORIMBERGA +/- 1730)Oberlender (NORIMBERGA +/- 1730)

120 thoughts on “Oberlender (NORIMBERGA +/- 1730)

  1. DEar Mr Tardino,

    is it possible to get a copy from the technical drawing of your Oberlender flute?

    Andreas Boos

  2. Hi from Puerto Rico Signor Tardino. I find some of your flutes very beautiful, specially the Oberlender. I would like to know the prices for some of them, like the Xuriach, the Bizey and the Oberlender if that is possible. Thanks a lot.


  3. Egregio signore Tardino,

    Vorrei conoscere i prezzi dei suoi Oberlenger e Palanca.
    La ringrazio in anticipo,

    Olivier Fourés

  4. Dear Mr.Tardino,
    I am student of Liliko Maeda.
    I would like to have a your Traverso (Oberlender, simple version model a=415 by Grenadilla)
    Please let me know for the price, and delivery time.
    Thank you very much,and I will tell you that many greeting from Liliko Maeda to you.
    My address is:

    6-15-5 Higashiueno

    E-mail: tomomatu@tctv.ne.jp

    I’m looking forward to hear from you.
    Sincerely yours,

    Masahide Tomomatsu

  5. Estimado Señor Tardino, soy estudiante de flauta travesera y desearía saber más sobre el traverso de Oberlender, sus características y precios, a ser posible, también quisiera tener información de otros traversos con la intención de adquirir uno de ellos. muchas gracias.

    Atentamente Pilar.

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  7. Hello – a friend of mine – Luisa Besenval from Italy – bought one of your Hotteterre flutes about a year ago and is very happy with it, I tried it and loved it too, can you tell me the price and delivery time of this flute – it is in ebony or grenadilla – I don’t know which.
    Thank you very much

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